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Monday, September 28, 2009

Wandering in fog

After weeks and weeks of heat, glaring sun and smoky air, all of a sudden we got two foggy mornings in a row. The coolness and humidity were so irresistible, I couldn't help but grab
my camera and go wandering right into the low-flying patches of vapor.

From the top of Glendale Forest Lawn all I could see was a sea of fog and the steeples of the chapels. No ugly gray buildings with flat roofs, no flashy ads and signboards... For a second I could almost imagine I was back in Europe again!

Somewhere there is downtown...

Looking north toward Glendale and Eagle Rock...

Today I climbed the hill above Freeway 2 to see how North Glendale looks in the fog. This here is a view of 2 Freeway south - except you can't see the freeway.

La Crescenta under a blanket...

Even downtown looked somewhat pale and desaturated - and it's not even too early!

I just wish we had weather like this more often!