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Saturday, April 22, 2006

For starters...

It's a big undertaking - to uproot a family and move it across the globe. It's exciting and a bit scary. And it's definitely worth keeping a record of, even if for no other reason than for ourselves, to read later and remember this incredible adventure. Also for friends and anyone who cares.

I thought long and hard how to do it. Seems like a blog is the best solution for now. A website needs maintaining and is too... well, big. Joining another blog, like the one on www.cilicia.com, would be good, but they all have a certain theme and I don't want to be confined to any particular topic. And writing letters to everyone who wants to know what's going on AND keeping a diary for myself... well, I am still going to write, but don't be surprised if in my e-mails I often refer you to this page for the latest news.