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Saturday, September 30, 2006

While I am at it...

You know, in some countries mothers carry their babies tied to their backs... Very convenient, they say.

Well, Roxy calls this pic "a backwards kangaroo."

A walk at the Farmer's Market

One of my favorite places in Yerevan is the Farmer's Market. The smell alone, as you enter, is intoxicating, with all the fruits and veggies and spice aromas mixed into one. There is something of an Eastern bazaar in it, with everything in abundance, everyone loudly bargaining and calling customers over, and most of the stuff can be gotten pretty cheap. I just love going there!

The greens...

Say cheese!

Fruit is good for you...

More Vicky pics

Watching SawII... Occasionally, we would hear her muttering: "Don't go there, idiot!" or "Walk faster, you retard!"

Shop-shopping! Vicky is about to discover there is a mall in Yerevan! Life suddenly got so much better...

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

To clarify...

In answer to abundant fan mail we've recieved regarding the armenian church post, we'd like to give a disclaimer: we do not go to that church. That was an Orthodox church we were looking at while we were showing our guest around (did you even know we had a guest from Germany?) As my mom already mentioned, it's the headquarters of the entire Armenian Orthodox Church. Okay?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Concert pics

Setting up the stage...

Lots and lots and LOTS! of police... Duh, with all the important people attending...like myself, lol. They were NOT trained to deal with celebrities and were getting on everybody's nerves... but that is a whole different topic.

The rehersal...

And finally, the concert. It's Carmen (no, pastor Daniel, not the Carmen opera, but the instrumental version) which is one of my favorite classical music pieces, so I was really enjoying myself at the moment. The orchestra is Armenian, the percussion group is Greek and the dancer lady is from USA... Cool, huh?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Independence Day and the concert

September 21st marked the 15th anniversary of independence in Armenia. It was a big deal, with a huge military parade, concerts, fireworks, etc. Of course, we all managed to catch some bug and were sick through most of it, Roxy worst of all. So while Vicky with headache and I with stomachache were filming the parade, Roxy was hugging the toilet at home. Then there was this big concert with the stage set among the ruins of a 7th century temple not too far from Yerevan. This was on the 22nd and 23rd, and even my ex, who is the admin of the orchestra, couldn't get us tickets. So we had to go as volunteers and work hard for two days admitting and seating guests, checking tickets and handing out programmes, but I must say it was worth it. On the first day there was all the who is who of Armenia and diaspora present, on the second - everyone who could afford to buy the tickets.
Then, our ship returned. An exact replica of ships Armenians were sailing on Mediterranean in 13th century, which was built by a group of enthusiasts and for three summers sailed the ancient routes through the Black and Mediterranean Seas, and Atlantic ocean. Just in time for Independence Day, it was trailered into the city and perched on one of the squares for the crowds to see and feel proud. I saw and was proud, especially because I was part of the group that built it - way back when, before leaving for the US...

Here are some pics, to be continued...

Yippee-ki-yay! After 4 months of self-imposed house arrest, Vicky finally got out into that big world!!! Here she is rediscovering things like shopping and sitting in a cafe...

And here is the ship. The full exciting story about it will be posted shortly.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

more Sevan Lake pics

Here the clouds were coming over the hill in one big roll. It was really breathtaking.

Cool, huh?

Sevan Lake pics

Here's some pics of our recent trip to Sevan Lake.

This was taken by me from shore

This was taken by Mom while on the water. (Mom and I rented this little boat that is by pedaling. There was a yatch parked nearby.)

Baby's growing up!

Baby Remix, aka Juliet, is getting really big. My hand doesn't even fit around her tummy anymore!


Lady Kitty guarding the door at home

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Would YOU like to rent a lemon?

fast food?

You've heard of fast food, right? But have you ever heard of quick food? On our way home from my grandpa's house last night, mom and I spotted a fast food place with a funny name. See pic below.

Now isn't that funny.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Two more pics from the same church, one of them - with translation. I won't comment on it, because those who know me will understand why I posted it.

Here we see the churchgoers approaching the priest to kiss the cross he is holding.

And here - a very interesting document I found posted right by the entrance. The translation follows.



It is the duty of every true Christian to visit church in order to participate in services, especially on Sundays and holidays. Sunday mass usually starts at 11 am and runs for 2 hours.

One must enter the church with fear in one’s heart, with respect and appropriate bearing.

1. You must dress appropriately and modestly when going to church. Women have to have their heads covered when entering a church, men should bare their heads.
2. When entering and exiting the church, before and after the prayer and (something I don’t know yet how to translate) you should make a sign of the cross.
3. It is better to arrive before the service starts. If you had an excuse to arrive late, enter quietly, so as not to disturb those present.
4. When lighting a candle, do not make unnecessary noise and commotion.
5. Inside the building, a believer must demonstrate respectful attitude toward the holy place and those around. It is inappropriate to turn your back to the altar, keep your hands in your pockets or behind your back, chew gum or cross your legs.
6. During morning and evening services those present must recognize the solemnity of the occasion and the place and keep quiet until the service is over. You are not allowed to converse or talk loudly.
7. During services, try to avoid going in and out needlessly. During (certain parts of the service, which I can’t correctly translate) moving around should cease completely.
8. Communion can only be taken by those baptized, participating in confession, bodily and spiritually prepared.
9. When approaching to kiss the cross or the Bible, the believers must do so silently, with a fearful heart, making the sign of a cross and without pushing each other.
10. You must stand up during (certain parts of the service I can't translate), while reading prayers or the Scriptures.


Hi everyone, and sorry for not posting anything for a while. I must say, we were a bit busy.

Here are a few pics of Armenia's main church. This here is the Main Cathedral, around it are located the Seminary and the residence of Catholicos, the head of Armenian Church, museums, a large park and many other things.

The church is richly decorated from inside and outside and is very beautiful. I like to think of people of faith who put so much effort into it and did their best for God back in 13th century. Here is a fragment of the stone lace on the outside. Isn't it amazing?